Cathy Duffy Reviews LitCompanion!

December 19, 2022

Thanks to Cathy Duffy, for featuring us on her extensive home-school review site. Cathy really took the time to understand our goals and sample our first courses.

Cathy nicely captured our varied approach to engaging students. She summed up our educational methods as follows: “traditional activity pages or exercises, real books, multisensory, lots of variety, life applications, highly structured, critical thinking, auditory.”

The review spotlights the fact that our courses go into depth and don’t shy away from challenging topics. For example, writing about our Haroun and the Sea of Stories study guide, she observes that the “explanations about topics, such as Pakistani politics, Carl Jung’s psychology, environmental priorities, and Rushdie’s personal history with divorce—all raised indirectly in the book—make a world of difference in the student’s understanding of the story.”

Cathy concludes that our LitCompanion courses “offer students an opportunity to study literature with a worldview perspective at a deep level with the guidance of an expert teacher. The courses will work for either independent study or group classes.”

Thank you, Cathy, for such a positive review! We will be adding more guides in the near future as we seek to become a great resource for Christian literary guides.

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